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Government Higher Institutions

  • Bule Hora University
  • Adma Science and Technology University
  • Salale University
  • Diredawa University
  • Samera University
  • Dembi Dollo University
  • Debraberhan Univesrity
  • Wollega University

Government Institutions

  • EBC
  • OBN
  • Oromia Supreme Court
  • Ethiopia Public Service Commission
  • Oromia Justice Bureau
  • Oromia Water Resource Bureau
  • Oromia Bureau of Land Management
  • Caffee Oromia
  • Ethiopian Bio-diversity Institution

Private Corporations

  • National Cement Factory, East African Group
  • Elilly Hotel- Five star
  • Harambe University
  • BST College
  • Adventist School
  • OBS

Finance Institutions

  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
  • Oromia Bank
  • Awash Bank
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